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Having lack of motivation for studying?

Everyone knows that the most important factor for success in learning is motivation. Odon Finance pays special attention to exactly that - rewarding students in order to motivate them as much as possible and make them feel like they are not wasting their time. Also this way, learning becomes more fun for everyone, regardless of age!

What if we tell you that you can earn money by learning whatever you want?

Get Paid For Your Knowledge! Read, learn, answer the questions correctly and earn money!

Work Process

How will this work?

Discover other ways of earning and investing! Change the way of learning forever and make learning the most profitable so far.

The Odon Learn & Earn platform is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Moonriver Network and offers a simple, fast and reliable way of learning about cryptocurrencies, trading and even areas that are not directly related to crypto. It's completely free and the knowledge you get from our courses can be used for further progress.

After completing the course, each user will have to do a test, where if he/she answers more than 50% of the questions correctly, the user will receive a reward in the form of our token! Courses on our platform are divided by level of qualification as well as topics.

Certain courses will be free, but more advanced (premium) courses can be bought with Odon Tokens or NFT’s! However, some courses will be accessible only for people who have Odon NFT.

Apart from having our own courses, we plan on enabling our users to publish their courses (after being revised and accepted by the platform).

Odon Finance Learn to Earn is the first decentralized platform that rewards course participants.

Coming soon!

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